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About Us

Founded in 2020 by Maria Huitrón and her husband Jonathan Mendez, Hamburguesas Uruapan brings a unique Mexican twist to the classic burger. With over 23 years of experience working at McDonald’s, Maria knows a thing or two about crafting delicious burgers. Their journey began in their home garage growing to a multi-unit restaurant within the same year.

Hamburguesas Uruapan Action shot.jpg

Today, Hamburguesas Uruapan boasts five locations, including two food trucks and three sit-down restaurants where customers can enjoy a distinctive dining experience. Maria, originally from Uruapan, Michoacán, prides herself on the unique ingredients that set their burgers apart from the typical American hamburger. Their signature dish, the double Hamburguesa Uruapan remains a crowd favorite.


With a family-focused approach, Maria and Jonathan have involved their two daughters in the business, creating a true family-owned enterprise. As a woman-owned and Latino-owned business, Hamburguesas Uruapan offers an authentic and inclusive atmosphere. Popular among the local Latina community, Hamburguesas Uruapan attracts a diverse clientele, especially at their Anaheim location near Disneyland.


The restaurant is known for its spicy options, fresh ingredients, and unique flavors, making it a favorite among kids and adults alike. The Vernon location, situated in an industrial area, serves everyone with delicious food. At Hamburguesas Uruapan, every burger is a culinary journey that transports customers to the heart of Michoacán.

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